Kris Neyt


Kris Neyt

Kris Neyt (°1957) from Assenede is not the flamboyant type that calls himself an artist, according to him: “I did not choose the art, but the art has chosen me”. And so it comes that as a child he dreamed of making art. He always drew wherever he could, to the annoyance of his parents who saw a different future for their son than the artist's existence. And so he chose the profession of teacher in mechanics and technical drawing, but he never stopped painting...

Because of the mathematical aspect of his professional life, Kris has started to love the straight line most because he believes “it has never lied before”. This resulted in the style he now uses: geometric abstractions with a twist. By collecting lines and planes in a strange perspective - as a kind of optical illusions - he plays with the eyes of the spectator in a genial way. But Kris does not intend to make complicated paintings at all. He only wants to create order in chaos and tell stories in the easiest way possible: from one word, one line, one image. With this quote, he cannot say it any easier:

“If I could tell a story with one line, then I did it. But I haven't found it yet.”