Priest Ambrose


Priest Ambrose

At the beginning of June 2014 we start the summer period with a miniature exhibition of the paintings made by Ambrose. This autodidactic artist grew up in Ghent under the name of Dirk West, but he developed his unique personality as universal artist in Louvain. Ambrose is painter and writer at the same time. He writes texts of social criticism, ficticious stories about love, erotism, solitude and grief, as well as poetic rhymes and theatre for children. He started to make oil paintings since 2005 while before his art was rather focused on drawing. He uses a lot of colours in his portraits and nude paintings with some surrealistic influence. He especially paints during the night when the ‘muse’ comes to visit him.

The artists describes himself as following:

“My name is Ambrose, a name that God has given me in my dreams. I am a myth and a legend if you may believe my friend. I was born in a family with nine children and I had twelve jobs and thirteen accidents. I have been several times struck by the hand of God. Now he luckily forgives me my sins. I look at the outside to see the sun shining and to forget my fear and my grief.”