Sepid Ahsani


Sepid Ahsani

Successfully extended until the end of January 2022 !

“I am someone who sees the world in both numbers and colors. Throughout my life I was looking for an emotional outlet, for a way to express what is going on in my heart and in my head at overwhelming moments. It was December 2016, at one of those overwhelming moments, that I sought shelter in the movement of a wet brush. Since then, I have found peace between the strands of a paint-soaked brush."

This is written by Iranian artist Sepid Ahsani, who is a guest at TABLOO in the fall of 2021. She finds the human body the best way to convey a message. “Not as much the face, but rather the body because it is more subtle and more hidden, and has more depth. The body is honest, fragile, vulnerable, but at the same time strong in its nude form." According to Sepid, we see the world with colors. Sometimes we associate certain emotions with specific colors. This led her to the creation of this collection of expressionist nude portraits in oil paint: a mixture of body expression and color.

Instagram: sepid.artgallery.s