Christine Mallaerts


Christine Mallaerts

This artist could hardly believe that the time had passed so quickly, but it was indeed ten years ago that Christine Mallaerts exhibited for the first time at TABLOO. In April 2023 she organized an exhibition for friends and family with her husband Jacques in their very cozy house surrounded by nature in Werchter.

After her studies in graphic design at St-Lucas in Brussels, Christine mainly worked with disabled people in healthcare, but over the years she felt more and more the need to be creative again. Meanwhile, Christine has become an avid acrylic painter and her oeuvre has expanded a bit. Her preference for cats and their mysterious elegance can also be found in this. Nature, animals and people appeal to her very much. 

“I play with realism, a touch of impressionism and a bit of fantasy and try to leave an atmosphere or impression on canvas in this way, tell a story and surprise the viewer.”

During her participation in the expo 'Eyeliz loves Bouts' at TABLOO (Dieric Bouts Festival 2023-24 in Leuven), Christine’s Bouts portrait with red cap elicited the most admiration among customers, visitors and students.

Instagram: @christine_mallaerts