Painting easels


At TABLOO you can find everything that you need to draw and to paint with all kinds of materials and different types of paint: gouache, acrylics, oil colours, water colours and Ecoline. There are also pencils, pastels, inks, paper, palettes, canvases and painting easels. Brands of good quality like Royal Talens (Van Gogh / Rembrandt / Amsterdam), Daler-Rowney (System 3 / Georgian) and Lukas-Nerchau GmbH inspire every artists’ life in each step of his artistic journey.

natural elm wood

tilt, picture holder and telescopic legs adjustable, large pallet and drawer with metal insert and carrying handle

• box size 40 x 58 x 17cm
• ground width 77 cm
• maximum canvas height 87 cm
• weight 6,5 kg

with slanted surface, beech wood
Small: 43cm b x 31cm H x 32cm D
Large: 76cm b x 48cm H x 50cm D

• ground width 75 cm
• maximum canvas height 65 cm
• total height 190cm
• weight 1,8 kg