It isn't the first time an artist from Spain finds his way to TABLOO, but especially for this expo ‘Masters of the Art’, the cartoonist Marín from Murcia made a series of ten caricatures of famous painters.

After hours of watching caricature artists on the Spanish beaches, Marín knew as a child that he would become a draftsman. At the age of eight, he won his very first drawing competition. He studied art history at the university and worked at the Regional Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena. In December 2013, Marín had his first individual exhibition of realistic portraits. Since he moved to Leuven in 2014, he has done nothing else than drawing cartoons or (realistic) portraits on demand, at events and parties or during workshops in schools and companies. Caricatures are fun for both young and old.

Besides drawing courses and private lessons, Marín sometimes also coaches trainees: Pieter Vandeputte from Keerbergen of the art humaniora De Wijnpers in Leuven drew the 11th ‘master of the art’ for this exhibition and gave it, just like Marín himself, color in pastel (pencil) on paper. Come to have a look and distinguish the student of the real ‘master’!