Loose sheets


At TABLOO you can find everything that you need to draw and to paint with all kinds of materials and different types of paint: gouache, acrylics, oil colours, water colours and Ecoline. There are also pencils, pastels, inks, paper, palettes, canvases and painting easels. Brands of good quality like Royal Talens (Van Gogh / Rembrandt / Amsterdam), Daler-Rowney (System 3 / Georgian) and Lukas-Nerchau GmbH inspire every artists’ life in each step of his artistic journey.

Watercolour paper The Langton 100% cellulose 300gsm, rough grain, 76 x 56cm
Watercolour paper Hérmitage 100% cotton 300gsm, rough grain, 76 x 56cm
Watercolour paper Montval 100% cellulose 300gsm, fine grain, 55 x 75cm
Drawing paper 150gsm, 76 x 56cm
Drawing paper 200gsm, 50 x 65cm
Drawing paper 160gsm, 50 x 65cm
Drawing paper 120gsm, 50 x 65cm
Drawing paper 45gsm, 50 x 65cm
Tracing paper 70gsm, 50 x 65cm
Canford black paper 150gsm, A1
Canford black paper 300gsm, A1
Canford coloured paper 150gsm, 52 x 78cm (12 colours + silver & gold)
Bristol 250gsm (white artboard), 50 x 65cm
White board 1mm (coated 2 sides), 50 x 65cm
White board 1.5mm, 50 x 65cm
Grey board 2mm, 80 x 60cm
Foamboard 3mm, white, 70 x 100cm
Foamboard 5mm, white, A4 / A3
Foamboard 5mm, black, A3
Mountboard 1400µ, black & white, 60 x 80cm
Mountboard 1250µ, ivory, A2
Mountboard 1250µ, assorted colours (red, blue, green, black, ivory) per sheet or per pack of 8 sheets